Freelance Visual Designer & Illustrator

Approach and process





Building a brand or designing a website is a process. I use somewhat agile work methods, that to me mean, that any design, big or small, will have more than 1 phases, that help getting closer to the final result that we are looking for. The design is tested, analyzed and "developed" during the process.  During different phases, I often collaborate with the client, to keep the vision clear all the time. This process varies depending what the task, problem, or goal is, but practically the design is built from sketch/ idea/ vision to the final result, through at least 3 main steps, that include many smaller steps on the road: testing, analyzing, and possible refocusing and fine tuning. 



To understand who, what I´m designing for I need to understand the clients brand, business and vision. Without this It´impossible to design solutions that work. Examples: 

-Getting a brief from the client


-Target group research

-Trend analysis

-Understanding competitors

-Creating a story for the brand

-Possible workshops with the client





This is the active building and designing phase. These actions are based on the STEP 1. 

-Logos and typography

-Defining the colors and other visual markers of the brand ( can be shapes, icons, certain photos etc.)

-Overall style and tone of voice of the brand

-Building guidelines for the brand (guideline book)





This is the phase when the brand elements built based on STEP 1 are put in action. This may mean just delivering files and assets, but can also mean building a website, or other material where the brand comes visible to the audience and target group. 

-Fine tuning the brand if necessery

-Delivering files, and all elements

-Designing a website based on the created guidelines and elements

-Designing other materials where the brand´s voice and story comes to life.